It’s so different now, everything is so different now

So much has changed since 2006

“Ma! there’s water in the living room!” I yelled as soon as I walked in the door, staring at how flooded the living room was. I hit the light switch but none of the lights were working. The electricity was cut off again.

Calmly my mom said, “I’m sorry, but the light won’t be back for a couple of days.” No lights, no water, no Halo. On repeat every month. I wanted to be angry because my life at home was unlike any of my friends. We did not take trips to Tahoe. We didn’t have cable. I couldn’t even charge my phone.

Instead of being angry, I schemed. I was trying to find a way to fit in. I thought stealing from Mervyns, never doing homework, watching street fights, talking back to teachers, and wearing red tall tees would earn me respect. This was what I thought I had to do to make a name for myself. There was a lot of pressure around me to be this person and I listened to it. As a freshman in high school this is what I thought would bring me success.

It’s so different now. I recently gave a talk to about a hundred people, all from the neighborhood I grew up in. I was able to tell them my story in the hope that they too will be inspired to not let the environment they live in dictate where they end up. You never know where you’re going to end up. It’s not easy, and the journey never stops. We all have the capacity to do great things. You will be surprised by what you can accomplish!

Thank you Logic for being real and for the song “Till’ the End.” It’s truly inspiring.