This post is centered on a personal design exercise for the Apple Watch. I absolutely love Product Hunt’s way of open collaboration with its users, and wanted to experiment first hand what an Apple Watch version should feel like. I do not work for or represent Product Hunt in any capacity; I therefore don’t have access to valuable data that could have probably led to more informed design decisions.


Some could argue that Product Hunt typically falls into the category of apps that don’t necessarily translate well to the Apple Watch — This was definitely part of my initial doubts.

If the online design community is any indicator, we can undeniably get a feel of a love/hate relationship with Material Design. This could be due to a general sense of failed promises, lack of consistency across Google’s very own products or fragmented adoption of latest Android OS.

Whichever the case, I personally found myself divided on the subject. While I did find Material Design inspiring from a visual perspective, I also found the UX lacking in some instances.

With that in mind, I needed a hand-on experience (re)designing an app using the official guidelines in order to shape a more…

Giving back has always been a personal goal of mine; this has naturally led me to notice the existing problems in the online charity donations market. I thought I would write up my thoughts on the process I followed and the design solutions I came up with. This is by no means a perfect answer, so constructive feedback on the viability of this concept is always appreciated!

The Problem

Giving back online can be challenging nowadays. From observation, there exists three fundamental roadblocks to finding an optimal solution:

  1. Ever-increasing slacktivism or armchair activism that despite raising awareness at times, do not necessarily…

This post is the second of a two-part series about my first attempt at a startup and the challenges I faced along the way.

I hopefully managed in my first post to genuinely convey the motives that made us optimistic about our success.

I made it a point to first walk you through the feature set and potential value of Remini as such that I can better express the reasons that led to our failure.

In this post, I will first expand on how it all started to then address the problems we’ve encountered and the lessons I have learnt…

A little background — I’m the co-founder of the now defunct REMINI, a mobile app I worked on for the past year and a half.

My first startup was going to be a hit. My co-founder and I had so much conviction in the vision that we persuaded ourselves for a long time that success was inevitable.

But then, nothing happened. We were so compelled by the potential of what we could accomplish that we failed to notice the warning signs despite the constant ups and downs and frequent mood swings.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to fancy ourselves as a…

This is a personal product design exploration initially designed with Facebook Creative Labs in mind (prior to its shutdown). While this post focuses on an independent solution in the form of a native mobile app called “Photos” — I believe it offers important insights that could be integrated into the main Facebook app, providing significant value at both the user and business levels.


I am the co-founder of the now defunct “Remini”. …

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