I am the co-founder of the now defunct “Remini”. I’m making a point of mentioning it early on since Photos represents an evolution of the concept I was fully invested in for roughly a year and a half.

  1. It goes without saying that I’m well aware of the existence of Moments by Facebook. However, despite the clear similarity in name, Photos actually offers a different value proposition that I hope should be made clearer as you read on.
  2. You might find some parallels in concept between Photos and On This Day that is increasingly popular on the main Facebook app. I like to think that this sort of validates the potential appeal: On top of providing a different approach, I see it as an opportunity to take that concept to a new level along with a rigorous end-goal vision and value.

The Problem

Ever since I realized my startup wasn't going to be a success, I kept asking myself the same question: “Could it have actually been done if we had Facebook’s resources at our disposal?”


“Photos is a mobile app that lets you relive, share and visualize the moments that tell your story.”

I always think that the best way to know whether the value you have to offer is simple and straightforward is to look at it from an on-boarding perspective.

Photos / Walkthrough
  1. You start by reliving your best moments from this day in the past.
  2. You can then choose to share those of your liking on a newsfeed in an interactive and personalized way.
  3. Each time you share a moment, it is automatically added to your private profile and the story of your life is seamlessly built up. At any point in time, you can visualize all your moments with an emphasis on a whole new visualization introduced by Photos: Friendship albums.

Here’s a video preview of how it all eventually pans out:


We all hold dear to our heart those cherished moments from our past — Reliving them helps us better comprehend the building blocks that made us who we are today.

Photos / Relive
Photos / Dismiss Moment
Photos / Full-Screen View


One of the key advantages an app like Photos has to offer can be better expressed along those lines: Unlike other traditional photo sharing apps, content on Photos comes naturally to the user.


Music can and should be considered an essential aspect of reminiscence. Oftentimes, a single song can play a big part in both communicating and reconnecting our emotions to a treasured event from our past.

Photos / Song Selection

Then & Now

Or “Real-Time Sharing” as I call it sometimes — Gives you the opportunity to capture a new moment at the point of sharing. This is done for the purpose of comparing the “then” to the “now”.

Photos / Then & Now
Photos / Preview Post
Photos / Share Screen


Photos is designed around the promise of offering users a way to feel closer to the people they care about most.

Photos / Newsfeed
Photos / Newsfeed


On Photos, the long-term vision of “becoming the place for your life” is set around the simple idea that:

Photos / Profile


We are all defined by the relationships we built over the years. They say a lot about our experiences and are the foundation of who we are.

Photos / Albums
Photos / Choose Albums


Another way to go through your favorite moments on Photos comes in the form of a map view.

Photos / Places
  1. Search for your favorite moments by typing keywords such as the specific venue, the city or country.
  2. Or, navigate through a map and zoom-in on your location of interest.
  1. The picture comes from Camera Roll. This is pretty standard, since GPS coordinates are attached; a user can simply choose between the multiple venues near the original location.
  2. The picture comes from Facebook or Instagram. If a venue was already attached to the original post (when initially shared on either Facebook or Instagram), then a user should be offered the possibility of choosing it directly without necessarily having to redo it from scratch.
Photos / Add Venue


Our third and final visualization alternative is “Timeline”. Here, your moments are presented by year in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.

Photos / Timeline
Photos / Timeline Calls to Action
  • Creating Connections
Photos / Creating Connections
  1. If your friend hasn’t joined Photos yet, you can simply tap on the “Invite” icon and choose to let him know about Photos via Messenger, Mail or WhatsApp.
  2. If your friend is already on Photos but for some reason you haven’t established your connection yet, tapping on the “Add” icon will send him a friend request. If you’re already friends, you can know so thanks to the “Checkmark” and tapping on it will give you the option to un-friend him.
  3. Eventually, if a request is pending (from either side), then tapping on the “More” icon lets you either cancel your own friend request or accept/reject your friend’s.
  • Albums Deletion
Photos / Delete or Move Albums
  • Visiting Profiles
Photos / Visiting Profiles

Control & Privacy

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from my previous startup experience is knowing how to build products with “Control & Privacy” in mind. Being aware of that led to some critical decisions being made for Photos:

Choosing Albums

As you can recall, when moving a moment to the corresponding friendship albums, you can choose from a pre-defined list divided in 2 parts:

  1. Friends on Photos. This is straightforward; when you friend someone, his name is added to the list.
  2. Other suggestions. It is here that lays the key to making relationships view work on Photos.

Private Profile

On Photos, all social interactions happen on the newsfeed and users are always in complete control of what they decide to share or add to their profiles.

  • Lurking Relationships
  • Playing with Identities
  • Data Ownership

Settings & Account Deletion

When designing social products, I believe that understanding early on what the user settings are can come a long way in making sure mismanagement of data doesn’t occur.

Photos / Settings


As I mentioned early on, what kick-started my initiative with this post, is the utmost conviction I have in the value that Photos can bring to the Facebook Platform.

  • Data
  • Connecting People

Roadmap & Conclusion

I wish to conclude this post by quickly pointing-out potential features that I haven’t discussed.




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Eddy Sabbagha

Eddy Sabbagha

Product Designer >

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