Stranger Learning

I often feared upon leaving college that somehow my life would be unmoored of intellectual and human challenge the kind I had experienced in New Haven: the stuttering, my dad, the senior year revelation on race and marginalization that changed my outlook and what path would have the most integrity. Life has moved on, the waves continue to lap or crash onto shore and try to erode what solid foundation there is, and I dig deeper roots. That’s how it has always been, that’s how I’ll always grow: deeper, then up. Nothing has been more illuminating this year than learning from complete strangers about fundamental truths of life that I have come to hold dear and sound: that it is ok to love those who don’t support you, that women are to be seen as humans and not romantic objects, that my house has a troublesome foundation, and I need to start anew, and that the kindness that is unsolicited is like a fire that warms the heart and reminded me of how to warm.

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