Cofounder Closure

Always make sure that you and your cofounder are aligned on 2 things. Vision (where the company will be in the short term and long term) and Expectations (what kind of compensation do expect to get, what kind of work you expect to do on a daily basis). Making sure that your styles of entrepreneurship are the same. Some people like to run existing services (lawn care, sales etc…) where there isn’t much innovation required and there’s immediate return; while others, will carry a innovative vision to build and disrupt a space throughout their entire lives.

Although my cofounder and I are both entrepreneurs, we are in the game for different reasons. I’m in it to build product while he’s in it to build wealth. Eventually some difficult situations arose down the road and he had to dip out since we weren’t getting revenue. The Kickstarter wasn’t going to hit it’s goal which meant the path to success would drag out sooner. Take that time to vet your cofounder and don’t settle for a non-technical one when your product requires engineering. Don’t settle.

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