Can we use Artificial Intelligence to design? Can we mimic the creative process of web design using smart software? That’s exactly what The Grid, as they call it, pretends to achieve.

Still in it’s BETA phase, The Grid uses a smart algorithm that combines a multitude of variables to create a customized website according to each customer need.

This, of course, poses lots of questions to the role of designers in the web. What is the added value of using a designer to build websites?: Well, from the usability standpoint, they surely can. However I can envision a future where designers’ real contribution to the digital world consist in assessing each of the user’s needs and produce very specific solutions to solve them — rather than just adding an aesthetic layer to the information displayed.

We must remember that designers are not artists: they are problem solvers. They put human creativity to solve complex problems by making the best use posible of the available tools and resources, and that, it’s something AI it’s far from being capable to do.

Ed Orozco

Written by

Ed Orozco

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