The People Are ‘Berning’ for Sanders: Why This Democratic Candidate Has a Chance to Become the Nominee

by Emmanuel Decaudin

(Photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

This past election season, pundits and commentators seem to have been fixated with pointing out why Senator Bernie Sanders has no chance whatsoever at being elected President.

In an appearance on “The View,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly stated, “Right now Hillary Clinton is the nominee. Bernie Sanders has no chance at all.”

Ross Douthat, a writer for The New York Times, asserts that “Barring an indictment, [Hillary’s] got this.”

However, after seeing the results of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, opinions may sway. Sanders nearly tied with Clinton in Iowa, trailing by only 0.3 percent, and lead the former First Lady by 22.4 percent.

These results clearly don’t describe a candidate with “no chance at all,” but a candidate who is well on track to becoming the Democratic nominee.

This fact is devastating to the Clinton campaign. It is evidence that people are tired of the “same old” establishment candidates that the Democratic and Republican parties have been putting out every four years. These tired people are turning to radical “outsiders” such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, just like they turned to President Obama in 2008.

Naturally, Secretary Clinton won’t be giving up without a fight. Between mysterious election practices in Iowa and the large number of superdelegates pledging their support to her without any accountability to voters, Sanders will need to secure large margins at the polling booths in South Carolina, Nevada, and of course the “Super Tuesday” states voting on March 1.

This can happen if voters take action and organize their volunteering efforts ahead of these primaries. Sanders’ success in Iowa and New Hampshire has already been largely attributed to grassroots volunteers working in those states, as well people in other states phoning potential voters across the country for their support.

If the Sanders’ campaign can replicate those efforts now, he will be well on the way to large voter turnout and electoral success in the coming weeks.

Senator Bernie Sanders has a chance. Naysayers should be wondering whether they do.