We just like them are the same. We are all human, same material ignorant slowly decaying meat bags.
This self righteous attitude reminds me of the religious leaders of the 90s that threatened me with…

Agreed. The difference is some of us believe that better is possible.

I have no wish to force my views on others. That’s the basis of the love this woman speaks about, the desire to guarantee that freedom for all. Unfortunately, the very things being protested seek to do just that. For example: Do you believe a refugee or immigrant can go on to be a patriotic and highly successful citizen? I do, but the immigration ban doesn’t. So while I respect anyone’s right to believe immigrants or refugees are universally evil, I would protest actions that force others to act according to that belief.

Let’s take the example of murder. I believe that the rights of all people are equal, and that one person’s rights end where the rights of another begin. In essence, it’s within someone’s rights to believe another person should be murdered, but it violates the other person’s rights to commit that murder, or behave in a way that incites others to do it for them.

(Since I brought it up) I’m not saying a refugee has the right to come here, I’m saying they have the right to try. If they fail to pass the perfectly reasonable and exhaustive vetting process that was already in place, deny entry.

Forgive me if I came across as authoritarian, the purpose of my closing line was to tell you that I respect your right to believe differently than me. I, too, genuinely wish you a good day and self-reflection. Truly, you are loved, and your opinions are welcome.