Anyone wants it has health care they might have to wait in an ER for hours, or they might not be able to select the doctor they want but they will get treatment.
This is one of the worst pieces of thinking I have ever seen.
Dennis Gibb

And then prices go up for customers everywhere, and the worse the economy gets, the more this stuff happens, creating a spiral in which fewer and fewer people can afford it.

This also ignores entirely the importance of preventative care, which can help reduce overall costs tremendously, but which people without health insurance can rarely afford. The lack of access to preventative care also tends to result in lower life expectancies and lower productive spans of life, further reinforcing the lack of access to health care for themselves and their families.

I understand that, based on your profile information, you seem to occupy a space of privilege in our society. Don’t go getting offended, if I had the opportunity I’d be right there with you. But I haven’t, and I’m not, so please listen to me when I try to explain what it’s like for us working class Americans.

I’m not poor because my family or myself is unwilling to work hard, or lacks the intelligence to succeed. I’m poor because my mother had the audacity to have genes that gave her rheumatoid arthritis, and she unknowingly at the time married an abusive man. For over twenty years now, since rightfully kicking him out, she has been working two jobs through incredible amounts of pain. She is still doing so even though the medications she has had to take over the years have so destroyed her body that she is now developing open wounds on the bottom of her toes. This is because her skin is thin from prednisone to help control the pain, and for several months now we have been unable to get them to heal because of the biologics that help slow the spread of the disease. She can’t take the time off to let them heal due to money concerns, and she can’t retire due to insurance concerns.

When you’ve walked a mile in her shoes, please tell me if your opinions remain the same.

Best wishes.

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