For the majority, exclusion is invisible when it benefits them. But when they can’t identify personally with something (like the celebration of black womanhood for example) and as a result feels excluded, a super bowl performance, hashtag, or an album is “political” or “controversial.”
I heard something disturbing during the #GRAMMYs commentary…

As a white woman, I won’t pretend to fully understand what it’s like to live under the shadow of not one but two stereotypes that almost always rob people of the chance to earn respect. But I’d also like to say that even when I don’t fully understand a reference in a Beyoncé song, her core message of self-acceptance and feminism always comes through loud and clear, and she will always have a fan in me.

What I’ve found in listening to her music is that the references are always worth a Google if I don’t understand them. So, yeah, I get the frustration in the paragraph I quoted, and and you’re absolutely right. The irony here is that a quick search would remedy most if not all of the “exclusivity”, if someone wanted to take the time.

I love your work, please keep enlightening me. I’m listening.