Donald Trump is considering ways to make it easier to sue reporters for doing their job.

He is really desperate to control the information the public has about him.

He’s tried distractions. He’s tried discrediting news organizations. He’s tried restricting the access of mainstream news outlets to press conferences. And now he’s trying to make it possible to sue them into silence.

Freedom of the press is in the Constitution. The reason for that is it was understood at the time our country was created that accountability depends on transparency. If we the people don’t know that shady stuff is going down, or that a major law was passed that negatively affects the constituency, we can’t raise our voices and be heard. Hard to address a problem if it’s not known there’s a problem.

Why is the Donald so desperate to clamp down on honesty and transparency? Why does the Cheeto Gordito want the public in the dark? Who does that benefit, us or him?

I’m going to bet the answer to that last one is him. That’s not how the presidency is supposed to work, according to our Constitution, written by people who risked their lives to throw off an oppressive government.

A form of government designed to avoid the abuse of power by officials was created to include freedom of information and an injunction against personal profit from the office. Written by people who lived through abuse of power and the oppression used to facilitate it. That’s what we have. Who is Donald Trump to try to change that? He knows nothing of oppression. He knows nothing of powerlessness, but fights to get more.

I have far more faith in the wisdom gleaned from the experience of the founders of our nation than I will ever have in the wisdom gleaned from that man’s life of excess and privilege.