Not all liberals are doormats and will o’ the wisp.
Not all liberals are doormats and will o’ the wisp.
Michael Berndtson

I assure you, sugarbritches, I am no doormat.

If the magical Internet credential fairy feels the need to take away my ‘liberal bona fides’, by all means, whatever makes you feel powerful. My life will continue apace, my beliefs and self-esteem unshaken. I don’t hold my beliefs because popular; indeed, in the circles in which I perpetually seem to get trapped they’re rare and unpopular. I hold these beliefs because they have passed every test of morals and logic I’ve thrown at them.

You’re right, I wouldn’t be much help in a fight with a deplorable, but not because I have no skill at fighting. It’s because I think throwing punches over political beliefs is a spectacularly stupid and wasteful thing to do. Consider the achievements of a great leader like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also pursued the moral high ground in his cause, but he was only successful because he chose the methods that also demonstrated the moral high ground. He understood that anything less would empower his enemies and undermine his own efforts.

I find it amusing that you seem to equate me, a 3-time college dropout who lives in a trailer park, with the ‘chattering class’. There is nothing elite about my life.

Stereotypes and peer pressure only work on the feeble-minded. I’m afraid you’ve underestimated your debate partner, sir.

Have a peaceful day.

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