I heard an argument recently that “change is inevitable unless we push it.”

The flaw in that logic…

… is serious. I can understand how a thought like this originates. If only we wouldn’t be so forceful about it, the change would eventually come to be, and without the backlash from people who like things just the way they are, tyvm.

The problem with that viewpoint is, while we wait, people are dying. Lives get destroyed without a chance of getting started. Opportunity gets denied, and people who get off on making people fear them at any and all cost get away with what they’re doing.

It’s very easy, when you are the type of citizen the police think are worth protecting, to say that if we all stay calm and wait, it will change.

It’s very easy, when you are the type of person who ‘deserves’ access to quality health care, to say that waiting patiently is the best course.

And it’s very easy, when you’re the citizen of a country that rarely has to fear things like indiscriminate bombing, to say that waiting is the best answer.

But people are dying: of police brutality, low-quality health care or a lack of access, and of being unlucky enough to be born in a war-torn country. What does waiting quietly do for them? It’s death. People are suffering: of poverty related to the denial of economic opportunities, of the mental torture that is constant judgment and assumptions based on things they can’t control about themselves, and above all, of the false idea that if only they were ‘good enough’ these things wouldn’t be happening to them.

So please, my fellow resistors, keep speaking, keep acting, and keep going. Change really does depend on you. Every voice matters, every action matters, and every vote matters.

Thanks for reading.

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