I went to see Claire McCaskill speak yesterday.

It was informative in many ways.

First, my thanks to Claire McCaskill for taking the job so seriously. It was a risk to even show up in this politically charged climate, but she continues to show a courage and dedication that many of her peers don’t. As a result, I came away from it reaffirmed in my high opinion of her.

She spoke very knowledgeably about every subject that was raised, with the understandable exception of a particularly local question. I saw her dodging no questions, even the rude ones. I saw her handle insults from the staff of the venue with grace. I saw her do her best to keep the event orderly so there could be actual communication, and attempt to respond to every question she received (time was limited).

I don’t know her personally, but I like very much who she chooses to be as a politician. As seems to be the case with many minorities, she strikes me as someone who doesn’t take her job for granted. She looks at all sides of the issue, based on her comments, and tries to do what makes the most sense.

I also think I got a peek into just how difficult her job really is. There were a number of comments from the crowd before the event started that ranged from blatantly and aggressively sexist to just plain disrespectful. It was so palpable that I was uncomfortable there, and I wasn’t the target.

If we expect perfection from our politicians, the only thing we’ll get is perfect liars.

Is she perfect? No, she’s human. If we expect perfection from our politicians, the only thing we’ll get is perfect liars. I’d rather have honesty, and she gave us that in abundance yesterday. She spoke with reason and insight into healthcare, budget, rape culture, and the need for reasonable regulations on businesses, as well as ways to accomplish societal goals without regulations.

She’s a good one, guys. Regardless of whether you agree with her, we’d be exceedingly dumb to give her up, especially based on political ads most likely funded by people who may not have ever even visited Missouri, let alone lived here long enough to understand our needs as a state.

She thinks of us when she’s making decisions, and that’s exactly what I want in a politician.

So thanks for your hard work, Claire McCaskill. It’s not just anybody that can get me to wear 4-inch heels and makeup. I’m glad I dressed up, it was worth it. If Roy Blunt ever chooses to come see us, I would pay him the same respect, and walk in with the same attitude of wanting to listen. I hope he will choose to do so, and I hope others in his audience (and hers!) would choose the path of respect. We get so much more done when we do.

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