Justice Gorsuch was asked what he would have done in the shoes of a person who came before his court.

His answer was “I didn’t think about it.”

If you’re not familiar with this case, here’s the short version: a trucker had the option of freezing to death, violating safety laws, or disobeying his company. He chose the safest option that let him stay alive, disobeying his company, and was fired for it. Justice Gorsuch found for the company in that case, and when asked during his confirmation hearing what he would have done in that situation, he said he hadn’t thought about it. In essence, he admitted to issuing a ruling on this case without considering at all the position of the worker.

I really feel like Democrats in the Senate missed an opportunity here to cut through the partisan lies about the filibuster of Justice Gorsuch and spread the truth that he is not in the best interests of any American whose net worth is under a billion dollars.

Senator McConnell would have us all believe he was the victim here, fighting partisanship and only retaliating against an indignity visited upon the Republicans. These are outright lies.

The truth here is that employees everywhere should be worried about this confirmation. This Justice admits that he doesn’t even consider us average people during deliberations, and frankly, I don’t think that behavior deserves a judge’s robes, let alone a confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Then again, this is why the confirmation was rammed through so fast, as well. Senator McConnell, and the Republicans who voted with him, didn’t want there to be enough time for the public to raise a serious outcry. In other words, he wanted it to happen so fast that we the constituents didn’t have time to get informed and be heard. The Democrats who voted for him are under attack in vulnerable districts from the very same people who benefit the most from a justice wwith this record. I don’t call that government by or for the people. I call that an abuse of the people, and our system.

This is exactly why I call right-wing media propaganda. I highly doubt any of them addressed this example in talking about Justice Gorsuch, and there are many more like it in his history. Why play the victim when this man doesn’t care about even considering the circumstances of one of his plaintiffs? Because they don’t want you to realize it wasn’t, in fact, in your best interests for this judge to be confirmed.

Sean Hannity is not your friend. Nor are Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, or even some of those in the left-wing media. They want you to be their sycophants while they feed you twisted logic and a severely edited worldview. They’re making millions, sometimes billions, while convincing you that corporations, and by proxy the people they elect, actually care about you and your needs as a non-billionaire, when all objective evidence points exactly to the opposite conclusion. Then they play the victim so that you will disregard the statements of people like me who want to point out the truth of what they’re doing to you.

I’m sorry if you find this offensive or it makes you angry. I’m telling you this because I’m assuming you would want to know if you were being manipulated. You are.

Truth is truth. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I say it because America deserves better.