One more reason I talk about discrimination.

Supposedly I’m a genius. I heard from others in high school that the gossip was that I was the smartest person in school. Supposedly the world is my oyster, I can do anything, be anything, blah blah.

That’s not true when the world seems to hate you for something you didn’t choose. I always have a choice around new people: I can be myself and run the risk of accidentally making people insecure, who then hate me for it. Or I can just try not to talk at all and only appear to be snobby and judgemental, and then people will hate me for that. I can try to let others dictate the conversation and follow along, but inevitably something comes out of my mouth that makes people feel insecure, and then the same old song, I’m hated again.

So what are my choices? I didn’t ask for this brain any more than I got to choose my eye color. It gets to the point I’m terrified to talk to new people at all.

So yeah, I am keenly aware of how awful it is to be treated like crap over something you couldn’t control. I hate it, for anyone who deals with it. I’m sorry you have to deal with it. I care.

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