What do authoritarians and white supremacists have in common?

Both operate on fear to mask their own. They use threats, intimidation, humiliation, and degradation to get their way. If you’re the type to speak up and fight back, they’ll manipulate the situation to make you look bad for doing what you have the absolute right to do. In short, they’re bullies, the name only differs based on ideology or status.

Another thing they have in common is selfishness. They care nothing whatsoever for the inconvenience or suffering of others, so long as they get what they think they need. What makes them so terribly dangerous is the more they get what they think they need, the bigger the emptiness seems to get inside them, the more they need to take from others to fill that emotional hole.

They’re obsessed with obedience and controlling others. This is the manifestation of their fear. Authoritarians fear losing power, and so do white supremacists, but they are different in whom they target. My guess is what they truly fear is the feeling of powerlessness they have inside, but we digress into the esoteric rabbit holes of my mind if we pursue that thought. Moving on.

Authoritarians and white supremacists use fear to control others in order to allay the fear they feel themselves. They do this through bullying tactics, manipulation, the creation of chaos, gaslighting, playing the victim, etc. They love it when they can sow division, because that means we’re too busy fighting ourselves to team up against them. They love hysteria, because that means we’re not using our heads to best advantage. They want you afraid, and angry, and tired, and divided. They giggle like schoolgirls when you try to use their own tactics against them, because they know they mastered them long before you did, and by the time you master their tactics, they’ll have mastered a different approach while simultaneously pretending they never did what you did so obviously they’re the victim here, duh.

The one single thing both white supremacists and authoritarians seem to fear most is those who refuse to cede their personal power in the face of their abuse. Not status, not positions of authority, not wealth. The personal power that comes from never doubting their own dignity.

Dignity: the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.

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