Who knew Charles Koch is a liberal (sort of)?

Interesting clickbait for an interesting article (hopefully).

Charles Koch wrote an extremely interesting op-ed in the Washington Post today, and turns out we agree on quite a bit.

He called for criminal justice reform, which I understand has been a project for him in the past. I agree this is long overdue.

He supported the proposed tax reform, and stated that we should pay for it via an end to corporate welfare. Holy crap. But we agree. I looked up the income tax rates the other day, and my first thought was that the highest bracket, 39.6%, went into effect awfully low at the income of $441,000. My biggest concern with Trump’s tax proposal, as an American who can’t afford to go buy a new country if this one goes down the drain, was the bet of an extreme deficit increase against the simulation of growth. Mr. Koch’s suggestion would help solve that. My other concern was the gratuitous gifting of tax breaks affecting the wealthy only. We shall see if those pass.

The only thing I disagree about is supporting Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. I can’t support a man who continues to behave as though he chooses to take his position and the potential consequences of the use of his power for granted. But, we agree to disagree, because Mr. Koch is totally reading the work of a nobody like me.

If a flaming liberal who lives in a trailer and a conservative billionaire president of a fossil fuel company can agree on these things, there is hope that everybody can find common ground. Start listening, guys. It matters.

Hey, Mr. Koch, got any job openings? (Just kidding, but I begin to suspect it would be an honor to learn from you. Because you’re totally reading this. Totally.)