Why can’t our government just be simple?

Because we live in an incredibly diverse country and world.

I’m not even speaking of people here, either. Just in geography, it’s incredible. Sierra Nevadas, Rockies, Mojave desert, Plains, wetlands, swamps, temperate rain forests, permafrost, and this isn’t a comprehensive list of the geographical features our beautiful country has to offer. Each of these requires specialized knowledge and approaches to manage effectively and productively.

Then the diversity in our economy. Retail, healthcare, law, manufacturing, energy production, tourism, technology, construction, banking, and still not a comprehensive list. All need specialized knowledge and approaches to manage effectively.

Then class diversity. The super-wealthy, the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor. They all have equally important needs, and those needs differ across boundaries of state, region, and industry. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Any policy tailored to a single group will be detrimental if applied to all.

None of this means streamlining our government is impossible or even ill-advised. But the idea that a country like ours could ever be simple to govern is, well, simple. Destructively simple. An approach like that will undermine the right of every group to be heard by our government, and lead to a government that serves very few well.

Our country is complicated. If our government accurately reflects it, it will be, too.

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