Us not born into wealth and the struggles we face are always forgotten by those who’ve never…
Tim Sylvester

Yes and no.

The truth of the matter is that the traditionally marginalized groups you mentioned are always hit harder in hard times.

But I also see a lot of very wealthy people propping up the politicians who gain the most from discrimination for their own selfish, misguided ends. I also see them mentioned as supporting this or that law helpful to marginalized groups, but I never seem to see them willing to take out political ads and push for it publicly like they did in my state to pressure one of our Senators to confirm a blatantly corporatist Supreme Court justice. Funny how they only put their money in when they have something to gain personally. The rest of it just sounds like lip-service to me, meant to soothe their conscience because deep down, they know what they’re doing.

*hops off the soap-box* I’m tired, and this has nothing to do with Mr. Larson’s post. Have a great day.

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