The Intellectual Yet Idiot
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

IYI = “Sophisticate”?

While looking around for a term that captured the essence of IYI, I came across “Sophisticate”

It has the same “flavor” as someone with an evolved understanding:
a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.(google definition)

But is also tangentially related to complexity, deception, and sophistry:
1: to alter deceptively; especially : adulterate

2: to deprive of genuineness, naturalness, or simplicity; especially : to deprive of naïveté and make worldly-wise : disillusion

3: to make complicated or complex

verb (used with object), sophisticated,sophisticating. make less natural, simple, or ingenuous; make worldly-wise. alter; pervert:
to sophisticate a meaning beyond recognition.

thought it rolled off the tongue a little better than “IYI” and tended to capture the same meaning as someone who is “IYI”.