Stereotypes suck. We should get rid of them.

People in America behave a for some reason love to believe everything they see on TV. It is a shame that so many of us let Stereotypes that humans have created, affect our values and opinions. Stereotypes only exist because we let them. It is horrible that in America, that our president, and many of the citizens of the country are prejudice, and ignorant. Only about 1 % of terrorist attacks in the USA are committed by people of Middle Eastern origin. In fact, most attacks have been committed by anarchists! Yea, that’s right. Americans! However when some people here even the term “middle east”, they automatically begin judging them based on what the media and society has portrayed Middle Easterners as. Unfortunately, memes like the one below exist all over social media and the Internet.

This really sucks because people go and create memes like this whenever there is a terrorist attack… even sometimes before we even know who committed the crime (most of the time it is not even anyone from middle eastern countries. It is especially a shame of course, some attacks confirmed by ISIS and other organizations like that commit terrorist but that does not mean Middle Eastern people should have to stand for racism all over today’s society because of it. The worst part is, many of the people who are seeing these memes for the first time (children on twitter or Instagram, or just people who are not that social and don’t like to meet new people. These stereotypes are often the only images people have of the Middle East. It is because of these misleading, false, racist ideas, that even a CSU student, Tanveer Bhatia cannot even walk into a public park in Fort Collins, without feeling the hatred. On thanksgiving, Tanveer was bored because he does not practice the holiday. So, he decided to go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful sunshine at City Park. Even on a sunny day, Tanveer does not shave his beared. He never has shaved and does not intend to because it is a part of who he his. Tanveer is from Chandigarh, Punjab where among the many religions that originate there, Tanveer grew up practicing Sikhism (a religion totally different from some of the more common religions in the middle east such as Hinduism, or Buddhism):

Part of practicing Sikhism, means you should honor God’s gift of hair. So, Tanveer never shaves his long beautiful black beard. He usually keeps it tied up or in bobby pins, but after walking for a while, he started to sweat so he unraveled his hair and let his beared flow naturally. Then the first thing he noticed was a mother pull her kid away from Tanveer while they were walking past each other. This was one of the rudest things I have ever heard a human do. So when I told Tanveer this, he said, “yup that is normal, I can’t go outside with my beard exposed. I can’t even go to a Wal-Mart during the night time without being looked at like a criminal by most people I encounter.” Immediately thought “wow. I should not be surprised because of all the stereotypes… but come on! You are a CSU student in Fort Collins! There is no denying it that the mother, by doing what she had did, just taught her child to stay away from people that have long beards and dark skin tones. If you’re a little kid and your mother is pulling you away from someone and you don’t know why at first because she doesn’t verbally express it, you’re bound to assume it is because the person appeared different than the way you and your mother appear (Caucasian). Had the mother instead, simply waved or said hello… maybe the Tanveer, and many other Middle Eastern students can feel more at home at CSU. Some people are scared of what they read online like the meme above and many fake news stories and lies, but I made a friend when I met Tanveer:

Tanveer Singh Bhatia (CSU Student)

That alone is proof that people need to be stronger than stereotypes and start opening their hearts and minds to everyone no matter where they are from! Stereotypes are too common these days and we need to start getting rid of them by teaching the next generation and the children of this one that EVERYONE is equal no matter where they are from. Sometimes complex problems are solved by simple means. There is nothing complicated about respect. Every person should be respected equally because we are all genetically the same. We are all human. We can’t forget the most important life rule that we all learned in kindergarten… treat people the same way you want to be treated! Let’s end Stereotypes now please!


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