The USA is one of the most favorite destinations around the world when it comes to studying abroad. Whether we talk about undergraduate, Master’s or MBA programs, USA is home to most of the best universities and programs for all.

Advantages of Studying Bachelors in USA outweighs over other countries due to following 5 reasons.:

1. Multiple subject choices and flexibility: There are around 154 Universities in US .Out of 154, 30 are ranked amongst the world’s top 100. This is a major reason why plenty of Indian students opt for Undergraduate studies in USA. These universities provide a broad range of subject choices to its international students. The American education system is based on credit system and gives the students the flexibility to choose combinations of subjects throughout the duration of the UG course.

2 . International Introduction: The cross cultural experience that its student receives while pursuing Undergraduate studies in USA is unparalleled. Not only is USA is the hub for undergraduate and post graduate studies, it is also home to some of the biggest multinationals of the world. They offer world class quality of education and experience to the Indian students.

3. Opportunity For Research: Another important component of pursuing undergraduate studies in USA is the opportunity for Research provided by the Universities. Almost all of the prominent colleges and Universities for UG in USA are fundamentally research centres. There is no such research opportunity for other countries students to pursuing a UG course/ degree in their country

4. Practical curriculum: An undergraduate degree course in USA is usually a four year program. The curriculum of many such UG courses is based on the concept of liberal arts. This implies that students have to study certain subjects to develop a broad educational spectrum. This includes English compositions, Humanities, History, Math, etc.

5. Self-Reliance: It is believed that there is greater high in life then the ability to make your own decisions. When an Indian student takes up a UG admission in USA, he becomes responsible and self-reliant. It makes them better informed and knowledgeable.

If you desire to study in USA in order to pursue a UG course, then fix an appointment with EdElevate, one of the best UG in USA consultants in Delhi. Preparation is the key to success. It is acknowledging that everything you undertake is important. You may not recognize the value of what you are doing now, but every well-handled experience has a way of coming in handy at a later date. Getting a UG admission in USA is like that key which can open the window to a world of professional accomplishment.

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