Police arrested activists with toy ducks demanding the resignation of Medvedev

Young activist from “VESNA “- Youth Democratic Movement stands alone in silent protest

St Petersburg — five activists demanding the resignation of Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev who has been accused of corruption were arrested on March 6.

About 40 people gathered next to the General Staff Building on Bolshaya Morskaya Street. The protest organized by VESNA Youth Democratic Movement was prompted by the latest investigation which was published online on March 2 by the Anti-corruption Foundation (FBK) by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

According to Yaroslav Putrova, member of VESNA and coordinator of the protest the main purpose was to “dispel the myth of good Medvedev”. Therefore activists came with yellow toy ducks, as a previous investigation by Navalny´s foundation revealed the secret dacha of Russian Prime Minster Dimitry Medvedev including an expensive “house for ducks”.

Participants were surrounded by a large number of police officers, cars trucks and buses with riot police. Protestors shouted “Quack-quack-quack against the king (Medvedev), you are stealing nothing”.

Then police started to arrest people. First 78 year old independent activist Igor Andreev, also well known as ‘Stepanovich’, standing alone next to the crowd of protestors was detained and brought to police station 78 on Chekhova Lane.

Later, when activists began to dance around police cars, four more people were arrested by police: two activists of VESNA — Timothy Gorodilov and Alexander Krivoshein and two independent activists — Yuri Vasilyev and Georgy Zhukov.

Most participants were not older than 25 and know each other from previous protests organized by VESNA. When police brought the four activists to police station at least half of the protestors walked there to wait for the activists to be released.

Alexei Navalny, who has said he will run for president in 2018, released a report and a 50-minute video detailing allegations that Medvedev has funneled more than $1 billion in bribes through companies and nonprofit organizations run by his associates to acquire vineyards, luxury yachts and lavish mansions. The Russian government quickly dismissed the accusations as an “attention-gabbing stunt by a self-proclaimed presidential candidate with no chances of winning”.

The Youtube-Video has already over 6 Million views more information about the investigation can be found here
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