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This is now the hour of death and rebirth.

Calla Lillies wither at their stems

Harp strings curdle at my fingertips

Lavender drips in my weary lungs

As my baited breath turns to stone.

This is now the hour of death and rebirth.

And I saw a new heaven

and a new earth

But my lack of faith was the predicament

I was too hurt

The sky was filled with flaming chariots

And warring angels

The universe that I once knew took on a hue

That was grayscale.

Drift into a deep and dreamless sleep

And let the steady hands of Time unfurl you

Gently to the cosmos reachless keep

Structures of your pain disintegrate and burn through

No respite in this cold, relentless world

No need for peace to those that feel not war

And I know to juxtapose the two with meaning, love, hope and truth

Is not what you’re supposed to do, no more

Drift into a deep and dreamless sleep

As the fragments of your fragile mind betray you

Floating in the cosmos reachless keep

Where the burdens of Samsara need not weigh you.

I must say, 2016 was a long year. Looking through my music collection, I realized that so much great music came out that I completely forgot about, that made making this list so hard.

The pleasant surprise of the year for me was the sudden rise of the alternative music…

Don’t know why I’m so sentimental about the Reasonable Doubt Anniversary. I didn’t hear the album today in ‘96- I was an infant. I didn’t even grow up on it. I came across it in college, a little under four years ago, during a epic journey through the annals of…

When it comes to posting here, I feel like I’m always the most lucid after a long, grueling shoot. There’s a million things floating around in my head. …

My brother somehow found a copy of Djibril Diop Mambéty’s ‘Hyenas’ though I’ve been searching for months with no luck. I’ve been wanting to write about the similarity of themes between ‘No Country For Old Men’ and Souleymane Cisse’s ‘Yeelen’ but I think I might end up dissecting Djibril’s work because I loved Touki Bouki so much.

Side note: I’m warming up to documentary film after seeing ‘The Act Of Killing’.



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