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It’s about time I write this piece …

If you are a developer in Africa, chances are you’ve seen quite a number of job listings that totally turned you off.

If you are a recruiter, chances are you’ve sent out your job listings out and got inundated with hundreds of applications that didn’t even meet your minimum requirements!

So I keep hearing from recruiters saying “We can’t find any qualified software developers, this is so frustrating” and developers saying “I’m still looking for a job and can’t get one”.

So why does this happen? It’s because the good developers that…

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I hear of stories of many software engineers who always knew they were going to work with computers because they started tinkering with them when they were kids. Or they had a computer club in school. Or their parents bought a computer when they were and they thought coding was fun. All these are very common for software engineers in the US & Europe but for many of us in Africa? We didn’t see a computer until we were halfway through high school. And when my dad finally bought a PC and set it up at home, it wasn’t a…

Edem Kumodzi

Program Manager @Microsoft, ex Senior Engineer @Andela & ex Consultant @ThoughtWorks.

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