Like Water

Like water, great music simply flows, in and around, through and out and brings forth life… or death depending on its content. Water can be solid, liquid or gas. Hot, cold or ice and it can burn, cool down, and freeze.

A soundtrack or supporting music to any visual project should trigger those same “states” in the form of emotions. Great soundtrack does two things. First it helps set the stage for the experience dreamed and created by the writers, directors, actors and producers, pushes back barriers (just enough for the next generation) still maintaining a sense of “now” thus creating a timeless character for your Commercial, Film, Trailer or Game. Secondly, it sets the space and time context for the project. It would be weird to hear hip hop or EDM in a serious western movie don’t you think? Unless of course you are that good of a movie maker that you can pull it off… or the makers of the Scary Movie franchise.

For more on music that flows come visit us at Harsh Music Co, we create music that breathes life into your project.

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