#BlackWorkMatters Really Shouldn’t Matter At All

[written by Eden Staff]

Perhaps if Black Americans strove to be legitimate business owners — become an employer; rather than an employee — then #BlackWorkMatters wouldn’t matter.

It’s 2016, and by now, we have decades and decades of evidence that shows Black Americans are not hired fairly in the workplace (doesn’t matter what type of degree you have). So why keep begging for the scraps of being an employee??? Make your own feast and become an employer.

And to be brutally honest, many Black Americans end up in ‘low-wage’ jobs because they have no skill set (and what they’ve been fooled into believing are skills is really worthless).

It’s time to start thinking how many progressive Blacks thought in the late 1800s going into the early 1900s.

Stop looking for someone to save you from your poor choices, and start to empower yourself.

You have one life. One chance. And should have a solid vision for YOUR future; that should be independent of who the next president is.

(Oh, and here’s a little secret: the cure for poverty is found right in the RED letters of the Bible!)