Why is this Black Woman wearing angel wings??

How you gon’ protest against the system that has made you comfortable in your subjugation??? Just embarrassing…

[written by MackMajor] Black America seems confused right now. We seem to want freedom on the one hand — yet refuse the responsibility and the difficult work required to have true freedom.

In other words: we seem to want freedom’s benefits without losing the comforts of being enslaved. I’m talking *mental* slavery here.

Most of the people crying for freedom and justice are junkies. They’re junkies addicted to the garbage and trash put out by Hollywood, the record companies and the media.

Daily these black folks feast their minds on mental crack: music that portrays violence and self-degradation, movies that entertain with pure buffoonery, and TV shows and books that do little more than stimulate sex glands.

And most of these things are put out there by the same forces currently involved in your collective oppression.

What we as black people in America feed our minds is satanic. This is why our daughters hate themselves so much they constantly need a skin rebranding campaign just to feel good about themselves (Black Girls Rock…Brown Girls This…Natural Hair That…).

And it’s why our sons despise themselves so much they can’t stop glorifying thug and gangster culture to their own detriment; not to mention the ones taking the alternate route by running to the waiting arms of the LGBTQ community.

I’m not saying all black people are thugs or hate themselves. I wrote an article the other day dispelling that myth. But it’s undeniable that far too many have gone the route of destructive behavior — and far too many couldn’t care less about it.

What I’m saying clearly here is that what we feed our minds as a collective is worse than crack. And yet we want freedom from our crack dealers without being willing to go cold turkey first.

How you gon’ protest against the system that has made you comfortable in your subjugation??? First you must be willing to discomfort yourselves — then you can think clearly enough to gain some real justice or freedom.

Think about it — If ‘the man’ gave black America our own land, reparations money and our own country tomorrow: what would we do with it?

Half of the Boule black leaders we currently have would end up going to war with the other half for who gets to rule things. The Muslims and Hotepers would go to war against the Christians and Hebrew Israelites to see what our main religion should be.

And almost everybody would be at some car dealership owned by someone white buying a fully upgraded SUV — putting all that money right back into the system we begged to get free from.

What wouldn’t change sadly is our representation on Wall Street. Because this present generation have been mentally programmed to be consumers, not financial creators.

Clear your minds first of your mental oppression. It starts by changing what entertains you. A clear focused mind has always been the ticket to lasting change.

written by MackMajor