Lessons From March 2020’s Financial Crisis

By Yuqing Jiao, Yuanjie Zhang and Eden Dhaliwal

2020 will be a year written into the history books. As the news of the coronavirus started to spread, the collective fear and anxiety started to become more and more apparent. When the stock market in China opened after Lunar New Year on February 3rd, the value of more than 3000 stocks started to drop. By the end of February, new cases of Coronavirus patients were dropping in China, however, in Japan, Korea, Europe and in the United States, the numbers began to noticeably increase. On March 9th, the price of oil began to take a deep dive of 30% and the three major US stock indices dropped sharply right. Dow Jones index fell to 1800 points, while S&P 500 index sank 7%, triggering the circuit breaker (automatic regulatory measures to temporarily halt in trading on an exchange) suspending all trading. …

by Eden Dhaliwal & Geoff Lefevre

We’re excited about what’s happening in the crypto space right now. Yes, the crypto winter still has a long thaw ahead, but you can really see the community is working hard, learning from past lessons and applying more rigour to developing viable cryptonetworks. There is a next generation of decentralized n-sided networks appearing with greater sophistication due to the integration of more participants, better validated mechanisms and a greater understanding of game theoretic blindspots. …

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We recently launched our new report on the concept and practice of developing effective tokenized crypto-assets. This is driven by our strong belief in the potential power of decentralised systems to provide a new and important evolution in how our economy and society can be organised, but in order to achieve this, effective ecosystems must be created that align the incentives of all the participants in a new model economy.

This is our first attempt at a guide to the best practices in Token Ecosystem Creation, which was launched on Thursday 25 October at the Token Engineering Global meetup in Berlin. …

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