How to Install Artificial Grass: An Overview

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Due to low-maintenance nature, artificial grass has gained popularity among homeowners in recent years. There are many benefits of artificial turf including easy upkeep and maintenance. It is also the easy way to have a vibrant looking yard throughout the whole year. Eden grass offers a variety of textures and shades, explore different options before settling on one style.

Getting Started

The overview below will give a step-by-step idea of installing artificial grass. When installing artificial grass, it’s best not to cut corners, because one missed step could result in a flawed installation that results in a poor quality appearance or performance. Each step is critical to the health of artificial lawn and helps prevent problems later. We will need to gather the materials needed to get the job done. To start the project, we will need to remove the grass in the area we need to put the turf. Using a turf cutter or a spade, this may be done.

Clear Existing Landscaping

Take the time to clear existing landscaping. This is the only way our artificial lawn will look great. Our aim is to clear the existing landscaping and create a flat surface for our lawn. We want the artificial grass to sit about half an inch higher than any edging. So dig the soil for about 1.5 inches — 2.5 inches.

Level the Area

Leveling the area is one of the most important steps to remember when installing artificial grass. If you don’t level the surface area of landscaping, we will end up with imperfections in our lawn. By leveling the area thoroughly using a shovel to remove a bumps, rocks, or sticks, these imperfection can be avoided. Consider watering the surface for a nice finish and rake the area once we have removed large debris.

Protect Artificial Grass From Weeds

Pay particular attention to this step. Skipping it can result in a poor quality installation of artificial grass. Lack of maintenance needed is one of the nice thing about artificial gras. This not only includes watering, fertilizing, and mowing, it also includes weeding. Weeds can’t grow through artificial grass.

Lay Down Artificial Grass

Align the artificial turf on the area you are installing it in. It is one of the last steps in learning how to install artificial grass. Measure the space and rolling out the necessary turf to accommodate the space. It’s best to give a little extra on all sides and we can always trim it down if we have excess.

Finishing Up

Once the turf is put down and cut to shape, it is now time to secure the turf. Use a hammer to insert nails along the edges every foot starting at the corners. If we are covering a vertical surface we can use an adhesive to secure the artificial grass into place. When it is secured to the ground, apply some silica sand to the surface.

Eden Grass is creatively made to replicate natural grass. We offer a range of durable artificial grass, which keeps incredible all year round with different characteristics to suit your every need. Eden grass is a top spec product and is designed with yarn technology enabling recovery after activity, with vibrant green tones.

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