Under the sun…

I love that you’re into joy division and good films. I love that you make me feel like I’m a queen bitch even though I’m not on my own anymore. My confidant, my friend. That night when we were stoned in your bed and you said that Suck by Yuck reminded you of me. Someone thought of me when something with real meaning played. It was more than sex, it always has been. I have this ultimate, steadfast connection with the one I call lover and who looks at me with stars in their eyes. You cried when you first had sex with me. You asked over and over if I really wanted to, at that inopportune moment between the bedsheets and infinity I said yes. It had been what I wanted to feel. It was not some big production with fancy lights and lingerie, because it never needed to be as such. It simply needed to be with the person who makes me forget which way is right and left. And for the love of all above I cannot seem to keep my eyes glued on the screen during movies, you are the one production in my life that is not just a couple of hours buried under cheesy pickup lines and a constantly hard dick. You are my favorite friend. The one who I fall asleep with and sometimes forget about because you are so constant in my life. I am surprised everyday with the lack of sadness I’ve had since I have met you. Sure, I can make myself happy. I was damn good at it. But it’s different and safe and nice and I want to scream about it because you make sense. I am spending my days underneath the sun, basking in the good when you encourage me to break out of the shadowy billows I once knew. No other could make me feel this way. Maybe someone could, who knows. But every person is unique in the way they configure someone else’s habits, heart, and passions. I have never once suspected you of ill intention. There is a light about you, something so small yet so loud. You cover your body with dark things because you have this perception that you are meant for the dark, when in fact you have only brought out the light in me and others. What I wouldn’t give to show you every day under the sun. Maybe even a few days under the sun, a moment, perhaps just a simple second. A time in the sun would do you some good with me. We could stick our pale skin together, and pontificate over our troubles, and drink in the time the universe is giving us. Despite all adversity, here we are in the sun. And I love you more than anything under this sun. Remember that I will remember our time under the sun. The world at our feet, we are here.

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