You know how most learners come for a lesson and you don’t see them again. We make an app that brings the driving instructor into the learner’s everyday journey and lets them see how they’re advancing through the course.


Driving instructors, they’re running these tight businesses helping people become accomplished drivers.


Phone app with a web portal that lets people connect and see their learner records.


$50 per/month

So I’ve done this, it’s quite fun really. What you do is you streamline your diet down to the core nutrients. You eat most meals alone and when you’re eating you mainly eat veggies and a little protein. Personally, I learned to really enjoy a diet of, oats for breakfast, frozen veggies and eggs for lunch and a piece of frozen fish or chicken for dinner.

I would have a few cups of tea and snack on a pear and some nuts throughout the day. …

A long long time a go. I made an app https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/usage-logbook/id574442723?mt=8 It’s totally blown my intentions for it and had thousands of people using it. What I think could be useful is a version for teams.

Say you’re managing the same care and you’ve got a few different people who need to participate in making the logbook work for a car. Well what about a version that’s lets you all collaborate on the same logbook from your phones.


Teams that travel in cars for work and need to keep records. They’ve got a few work cars and they’ll all have the app and use it to record trips building up into a set of reports for those who run accounts. …

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