LoopConf 2017 talks

LoopConf is a WordPress conference filled with engineering and development topics. Here is an ordered collection of the 2017 edition talks:

WordPress related talks

Talks that are heavily about WP

Why WordPress: The Competitive Landscape, Risks, and Opportunities — Josh Koenig

Intro talk about the WP ecosystem

Put an “S” on It: Moving from HTTP to HTTPS for a Large Publishing Site — Zack Tollman

Risks when moving a large WP site from http to https

A Conscious Uncoupling: WordPress as a Headless CMS — Krissie VandeNoord

Build Your Dreams with the WordPress REST API & JavaScript — K.Adam White

Two talks about using WordPress as a CMS with a custom front-end

Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work

Tips on writing WP-CLI commands

Next Generation WordPress

What will be the future of WP

General Programming with a pinch of WordPress

Talks about other technologies + WP

Code Review: Why it Matters — Brad Capeau-Laurion

Web Performance: Measure Like You Mean It — Joseph Scott

Unix Philosophy in WordPress Plugins

A good reminder on unix philosophy

The API You Probably Didn’t Know Existed — Amanda Rush

Tips about accesibility for blind users

Before You React — Natalie MacLees and Nathan Tyler

Good tips if you’re interested in learning ReactJS

General Business related

It’s all about the $$$

Leveling Up — Steve Zehngut

Building the Perfect Bootstrapped Business on WordPress

This is more about creating a startup than WP stuff

Definitely not WordPress related

It’s all about the people

Stronger than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community

Create the Community You Crave — Andrew Norcross

About how to handle toxic people on your community

Empathetic Communication: Why Vulnerability is the Key to Connection — Sharon Steed

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