This is not my Job, is my Passion!

I normally hear people asking me why Am I always, drawing, thinking on a new way to represent an object or emotion and so on; aren’t you tired? they ask, No — I reply. I’m tired of being sitting maybe or my body needs nourishment, my brain might need exercise or a break from routine but I never feel tired of Designing something new.

The essence of design is solving problems. Normally those problems have lots of limitations money per say, materials and their behavior in a printing process etc, that makes every project unique and exciting. If you are not having fun doing what you’re doing…. beware, you might be on the wrong path. But no worries, not all in life is money, problems, and limitations; there is much to offer, endless things to create and of course, lots of mistakes to make.

That’s the main reason we created this service, we want to make life richer, happier and more enjoyable. Let us help you solve communication or graphic problems, we will make sure all of our heart goes on it, and we promise, that if you do your part the result will be amazing.


The Studio 49 Designs

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