Snooty rich people.

I don’t know about you, but one type of person in this world, that I can’t stand, are the snooty rich people. Not rich people, SNOOTY rich people. People that feel the need to brag on their money, or their nice things, to make you feel like less of a person. People who judge their friendships based on who has the most money, or who has the most expensive shoes, or who pulls up in the nicest car. I can’t stand people like that, and unfortunately, we are at that age where that happens the most.

If you have money, and nice things, and friends like that, then they aren’t your real friends. They probably only like you because of the stuff you can afford. If you’re talking to me about an expensive product, that snooty rich bandwagon usually buys, and if I just walk away from you, don’t take it personal. It is probably just because I couldn’t give less than an Atom of a shit about what you’re talking about. I look for friends based on what they have to offer as friends. Not because of how much money they have, or what nice things they have.

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