Together We’ll Make 2017 a Year of Action and Leadership

The view from Washington and many state capitols about where leadership is going to come from to ensure that Latinos succeed in higher education, enter the workforce and assume leadership roles in society in 2017 is not clear.

But our path has never been clearer. You can count on Excelencia in Education to use a Latino lens and lead the way when others may be turning away from this crucial mission. We are defining what it means to SERVE Latino students (not just enroll them), identifying more powerful strategies to spread improvements across campuses, and mobilizing committed leaders to take action.

In 2017, Excelencia in Education will continue to:

Show Latino student success is an asset,

Provide analysis on critical issues,

Advance effective policies and

Promote evidence-based practices that serve Latino students while collaborating with those committed and ready to meet the mission.

Working together, 2017 will be a year of enhanced action and leadership. We invite you to join us by making Excelencia part of your tax-deductible charitable giving.

Thank you for your commitment and partnership, as together, we advance our shared commitments to student success.

Momentum is building. Be a part of it.