NFT Promoters: Scams or Tools

I recently launched a small NFT Project. I designed my attributes, ran them through an art generation program, coded a website and minting dapp, initiated a smart contract, and started marketing them.

Completing all of that work made me feel extremely accomplished. It wasn’t easy, and it was a lot of complicated steps, and so I thought ‘how could the market be so oversaturated when, even with the tools we have, the process is still so complicated.’

Of course, if you’ve tuned into any Discord Channel or searched NFT on Twitter, you would know how naive my thought actually was.

Hundreds of NFT Projects are being produced daily, and I was just another drop in the bucket.

That’s fine, I thought, my project is different. A different design, a different concept, a different roadmap, etc. If I could just figure out how to get the word out, my project should blow up. Simple right?

I hope you’re laughing at me now. I hope you’re thinking ‘what an idiot.’ Because I was being an idiot. An optimistic idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

Well, I’ve figured that part out now, and I’m now back to the grindstone, developing a marketing plan to push my NFT project out of the shadows and into the mainstream. One of the things I’m looking at is NFT Promoters.

NFT Twitter Accounts

For some reason, there are thousands of accounts on Twitter with thousands of followers, and they all seem like bots. My DM’s are plagued with these things, offering to promote my NFT. It’s an interesting idea right? I’m looking for exposure, and these accounts could potentially get me there. But at what cost? I’m going to find out, and I will report back to you what I discover.

NFT Blogs

Then there’s the blogs. NFTCalendar,, NFT Plazas, NFT Culture, and on and on and on. These seem like great opportunities to get some exposure. Until you reach out to them about promotions, that is. Suddenly, this blog is demanding $3,000 worth of ETH to promote your NFT. Is that really the best use of my money? Is it really going to give me the biggest bang for my buck? I can guarantee you it’s not, and that’s why I stopped emailing the blogs.


So what is the best way to promote your project? I’m still working on figuring that one out. Shill channels on Discords are definitely not the best channel. Shill tweets on Twitter are definitely not the best channel either. So what is?

Well, when I find out what it is, I’ll let you know. And if you know the answer already, share it with the creators out here! We all want a slice of the pie.



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