Gepick 0.6 version overview

Edgaras Karka
Apr 26 · 3 min read
Photo by Tom Grimbert (@tomgrimbert) on Unsplash is software for automating sports predictions process. In the platform, users can find daily soccer predictions and use it to make a profit from betting activities. The main goal of give suggestions for users and allow them to strengthen or weaken decisions.

VIP page

With new versions, get the new page. This page is dedicated to giving the best daily picks for users.

Picks are selected based on best predictions models. Users can follow these picks and can expect profit from betting.

Comparing with 2019 April results users can expect about +10 units profit. E.g. if you spend 100 euro for pick you can expect 100 x 10 = 1000 eur.

But you should have in mind that profit was calculated by taking the best odds, in reality, it can be a little bit smaller profit.

daily picks you can find there

Improve statistics page by adding more types

Now the statistics page filtering section has a tab-based menu on all resolutions.

With the new release, ends a section was added. This submenu dedication to getting picks statistics by ends (home, draw, way, under, over).

Users can select/unselect specific ends. Then back-end software fetch picks by these requirements.

Also with new realize, users can filter only value (bookmaker probabilities are less than models predictions probabilities) picks statistics.

Using this new feature we get statistics about POISON based only value picks with home matches.

Also applied filter settings the block was updated. Now users get info about selected algorithm, ends, onlyValuePicks .

Edgaras Karka

Written by

Experienced JS Developer at Podimo & co-founder of Gepick — software for sports predictions.

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