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Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash is software for automating sport predictions process. In the platform, users can find daily soccer predictions and use it to make a profit from betting activities. The main goal of give suggestions for users and allow them to strengthen or weaken decisions.

With new version updates comes:

  • added under/over predictions
  • new predictions models structure
  • predict button on predictions page
  • tab-based menu and stuck predict button on predictions page for small devices
  • moved to new servers

Now users can get more predictions because started to predict under/over predictions too.

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Blue prediction element inform user that end probability is higher comparing with selected on settings.

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Image for post have new predictions engines infrastructure. In future developers, the community will be able to create predictions models and push it's to the platform. With 0.5 version was changed how system manages predictions models. Currently predictions model consist of 3 parts:

  • Model name
  • Model version (each model can have different versions of implantation)
  • Model variation (each version can have different model settings)
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After user change setting now should click predict button for get predictions.

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The setting was spliced into different parts. The mobile user can easily change it by click. Also, predict button was sticked to the right bottom corner on the small devices screen.

Now predictions models are running under docker. Old hosting provider didn't have docker possibilities on them servers, so all infrastructure was moved to new services.

With new realizes comes new updated which allow users to get picks statistics of more end, not just home, draw, away.

Currently, is one very enthusiastic developer project. So it is very important to get community support to make idea real. With new realize to the website was added become patron button.

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Image for post idea is to create the platform for developers where they can easily push them models. Also, users can use models predictions for get profit from bettings.

Why do you want to become a patron?

  • Because you don`t like how much money get betting companies from you.
  • Because you will get the best models predictions first and free.
  • Because you get first-class support on suggestions on how to use
  • Want to donate this project and idea.


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