How to pick the correct soccer tip from

Edgaras Karka
Dec 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Gepick is software for sports predictions. It uses different mathematical models to calculate soccer predictions. This article goal is to familiarize you how I use for select daily soccer picks.

  1. Open web app.

2. Select 70% min probability. It filters predictions of poisson3 algorithm with no less probability than 70%:

3. Search prediction with biggest odd for poisson3 with the highest probability.

4. Open statistics page.

5. Select poisson3 algorithm, last month period and min probability by pick from matches page (83%).

6. If statistics show that algorithm is profitable, I pick it and bet of it.

7. Repeating it with all picks from matches page.

Written by

Experienced JS Developer at Podimo & co-founder of Gepick — software for sports predictions.

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