In this article, you’ll learn more about how we use Tech Time, a cross team meeting that involves the teams related to the tech domain, to promote knowledge sharing and cohesion between coworkers.

As a company grows larger and larger two big problems arise:

  1. It’s difficult to keep track of all the new things that people are working on.

A Frenchman, a Belgian and a Mexican enter a bar in a train, order a beer and start playing a card game called Polignac. This may sound like the start of a joke, but it was exactly how a trip to meet one of the biggest radiologist groups in Munich began. Actually, let me rephrase it.

A UX researcher, a product owner and a developer from Doctolib go on a field trip to address the needs of their customers.

Sounds better!

Our adventure starts in Hannover where we meet with our first client. As a young software developer, this would be the first time I would hear product opinions first hand — from the user, so I was clearly nervous.

We entered a big office…

Edgardo Gutierrez

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