if only she knew

I look up after taking a sip of my sun tea that I had left outside the day before, and there she is. Poised as if though nothing in the world could bring her down. She speaks but nothing comes out, or so it seems because it’s as if I’m trapped in a state of awe. The rays of sun trying to find a way through those waves of hair, illuminating a glow around her head as if she was an angel.

She talks about her day with such ease as if though she has known me forever. I respond with sarcastic remarks that only follow with a wondrous smirk as she looks down and back up at me as if she’s trying to catch my eye. Little does she know that’s she’s had it this entire time.

I wonder how her days usually go, yet I don’t have the nerve to ask her. I wonder what makes her feel alive, but I couldn’t put it into words. I wonder how I could be a part of her life, and I want to show her.

Times flies when you’re having fun, they say. I must’ve been having the time of my life because before I knew it, the day had ended and it was time to part ways. I say goodnight but what I really wanted to say was I hope I see you again.

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