Organizations’ Use of Social Media

Edgar Robles
Nov 14, 2019 · 2 min read

In today’s digital era, it would be completely disadvantageous for any small business or large organization to not have a social media presence. Luckily, most companies have realized this. They have spanned their digital footprint to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. It is all about expanding and increasing the audience they are attempting to reach.

One of these companies is Netflix. They have multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to creating a more personalized experience to every user. They have dedicated accounts for certain regions of the world, such as, US, UK and Ireland, Latinoamerica, and Malaysia. Through these accounts they can give their regional customers news on the latest film, an upcoming release date, or scheduled maintenance. Social media becomes the go to for customers seeking the latest information. They also have a customer service account that’s used to communicate directly with other users on Twitter. They answer any questions that customers may have and can answer them in different languages. Through social media, Netflix is able to communicate with its subscribers all over the world.

Another giant who also uses social media is Apple. Through their devices you are actually able to access these social media sites and their respective apps. Apple has an official Twitter account and through tweets they keep users posted on the latest news like new features or upcoming products. They also have a dedicated customer support account where they give helpful tips or “hacks” to help users navigate through the latest firmware update. They also directly respond to customers who tweet them and are experiencing some type of issue. Apple also has accounts for every one of their services. Such as, books, arcade, music, etc. There they keep users updated on the latest eBooks, games, or albums.

As we’ve seen, social media is a necessary tool to any and every company. It’s where customers get the latest updates, can contact support, or just want to comment. An organization cannot go wrong with having and making full use of social media.

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