Why I am at MATC:

Edgar Robles
Sep 12, 2019 · 1 min read

I spent my freshman year at UW-Milwaukee not sure what I wanted to do. I’ve always been the “tech” guy for my family and friends. Fixing their devices or troubleshooting applications. I loved it. So I knew I wanted to do something in that direction. I thought of computer engineering and computer science, which are great paths, but I didn’t feel like I really fit in those programs. I eventually stumbled on an unfamiliar, at-the-time, program. Information Technology. It fascinated me. I was extremely interested from the get-go and I went all in.

Out of curiosity, I began to look at IT programs in other colleges and universities. That’s when I stumbled on MATC’s Information Technology programs. Yes, programs. MATC has specialized programs, such as, networking, computer support, web development, security, and mobile application development. I felt especially interested to networking, so I transferred to MATC. I love how invested they are in IT and how easily they break it up so that you can really focus what you WANT to learn.

Edgar Robles

Written by

IT student at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

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