Four easy steps for installing F# on Ubuntu Linux

First: Configure Ubuntu so it recognizes the Mono repository, an open source Linux implementation of .NET Framework.

Second: Install F#, this step first installs Mono and then F# proper, so it takes a few minutes, have a little patience :-)

You could start writing F# code already albeit using the command-line tools so…

Third: Install Visual Studio Code, a developer’s open source editor, you download a .deb package, and then double-click it.

Fourth (and last): Launch Visual Studio Code (writing code at a command line will do), then install the ionide plug-ins: F#, Fake (a build utility, like C make, but written in F# itself), and Paket (a packet manager, like maven, npm, or nuget, equally written in F#).

And you’re all set! You can now experience coding in a functional language on a lightweight open source environment :-)

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