Ballerina How to: Salesforce Connector

Create integrations that interact with the famous SaaS vendors in the market is crucial for any integration technology. For Ballerina-Lang it is extremely important, especially given the fact the the most of the organizations are living the hybrid IT, combining on-premises with cloud-based solutions.

This is a Service Example that shows you how you can do a basic searching in Salesforce:

Note: Create a dev account in SFDC is out of the scope of that post :)
Service that Invokes a basic Search in Salesforce

We created a Service called sfdc which contains a resource called querySalesForce.

As global access for any other resource, we had declared the following objects:

xml soapResponse;
xml[] headers = [];
string username = “”;
string password = params[0]; // your password+securitytoken generated by SFDC
salesforcesoap:ClientConnector sales = create salesforcesoap:ClientConnector(username, password, “", “1.1”);

In the querySalesForce Method, we invoke the query method from the pre-configured connector.

The execution is simple:

Result from Salesforce Query Execution
Ballerina Execution Runtime

Developer Experience

I've been using Idea Plugin, and that is a really good experience if you want to play a little with Ballerina-lang.

Developer Experience — Integrated Environment for Ballerina-Lang in Idea.


Keep your eyes opened and check how Ballerina-lang is evolving, and be ready for make your services and integrations to dance.

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