“Allow me to re-introduce myself”

So no matter what you been through no matter what you into no matter what you see when you look outside your window brown grass or green grass picket fence or barbed wire. Never ever put them down you just lift your arms higher.
Lupe Fiasco — The Show Goes On

My name is Edgar Garcia and I was born in Queretaro which is one of the smallest states in Mexico, but it is also one of the most heterogeneous geographically. My parents brought me to the states when I was 6 years old. I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in the south side of Houston, TX. We didn’t have much growing up but that didn’t matter. As long as we had a roof over our heads and food on the table kept us happy. I remember my first day of school I was shocked to see everyone in uniform and the fact that there was free breakfast every morning 😊🙌🏼. I know I know your probably thinking did this guy not have any food at home. You see back in Mexico where I’m from there was no dress code nor free breakfast at schools. I remember running back home with my older brother Adan exited to go get our school uniforms. So my mom took us to a 2nd hand store which to me was the coolest store I had ever seen. We picked out a couple of shirts, jeans, and my very first pair of nikes which I was so excited to wear. I have to be honest these kicks were way too tight on me but I lied simply because I couldn’t pass up on them.

My brother and I walked everyday to school. It was about 20 blocks or roughly 30 minutes walking distance. Now let me remind you that if your new in the hood everyone’s bound to know. The next couple of weeks consisted of us getting punked, bullied, and being scared of not doing anything about it. I was only 6 and my brother was 9 so he definitely got the worst part. It was about the 3rd week and my brother goes “no more bro, we can’t be getting treated like this, today we fight” haha I’m laughing 22 years later but at that moment I was fucking scared.

That day my brother taught me to always stand up for who we are and what we believed in. Never let anyone’s opinion become your reality and I took that with me through out the years. Later you will see how I’ve applied everything that I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial Journey. Every now and then I’ll drop a story in hope to inspire others.

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