CT Scan Medical Device — A revolutionary Innovation in the field of Medical

CT Scan Medical Device — A revolutionary Innovation in the field of Medical
Every year there have been numerous types of innovations that are being done in the field of medical devices. This graduation in the medical machines has revolutionized the examination of the patient’s body. The great discovery of CT Scanners had changed the perspective of examining the “Human Anatomy”. CT Scanner in India has become a very integral part of medical treatment that assists the doctors in quickly examining the patient’s body. Now all the internal injuries are not only visible, but even the patients gets free from the bondages of various types of tests, thus CT Scanners Suppliers in India have maximized the production of this revolutionary device to upgrade the medical standards.

Functionality of CT scan Machines
In the earlier days, whenever anyone used to get an internal injury, then through X- Ray machines, the doctors used to treat the patient. In this method of examining the patient’s body, the image that used to be photographed did not give a clear picture to the physician. The reason for this was that the image used to get overlapped, but such hurdles were not present in the case of image coming from this reformed medical device. In this device, the X- ray tube moves around the body of the patient capturing the multiple images, to make the assessing of the ailment much better. Nowadays the radiologists are able to examine the body in a detailed manner, as the photograph of the body clearly depicts the exact frame from inside. This is why the shape, size, density and texture of the body is not altered even by a decimal, so a precise treatment can be given to the patient. The time taken by these machines to come out with a detailed report does not take much time, unlike the earlier days when it used to take 2 to 3 days.

Type of CT Scanners
“Siemens” is brand which is popular for making quality medical devices, by launching Siemens CT Scanners in India, they modernized the way Radiologists are diagnosis their patients. One of the Siemens CT Scanners that is being highly praised by the doctors is Somatom Emotion CT Scanners. All the doctors that have used it are very pleased to take the assistance of this device.

Features & Benefits of Somatom Emotion CT Scanners

The inclusion of the Fast Care technology gives better procedures.
The installation of this device does not take much time. 
The data is immediately converted for diagnosis.

Running costs of this machine is less compared to the others in the market.
It is very high performance CT scanner that gives accurate reports.

The quality of the image printed is very good, clubbed with the excellent resolution.
Leading Dose & Iterative Reconstruction (IRIS) technology makes it a very good for the doctors to analyze the reports.

Edge Medical Solutions are one of the leaders in supplying the medical equipments to the various Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Clinics etc. The vast knowledge possessed by the engineers and the technicians has made them the first choice for installation and maintenance of the CT Scanners in India.