Global concern over the coronavirus spreading on contaminated surfaces in public places is unleashing rapid development in touch-less processes from payments to delivery to ride hailing apps. So is the biometric industry that could assist a touch-less society.

Since India has entered Unlock Phase 2.0, state and local governments have issued a series of protocols, which includes a halting the used of fingerprint employee-tracking systems and possibly replace with a card-based system or facial recognition. A need for contact-free facial recognition combined with temperature sensing is going to be the new normal for biometrics industry.

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FacEDGE Terminal

For corporates offices, shared spaces, government offices and manufacturing units where operations are resuming slowly, the need to track the employee is essential. Organisation are adopting to manual register entry attedance for the employees, but its like going 20 years back in time. …

During the last decade, with the increasing availability of unlimited storages and processing power, data processing migrated first from on-premise to cloud data centres (cloud computing) and now, from cloud to edge nodes closure to the source of generation (edge computing).

Traditionally, AI algorithms have been deployed on cloud, since AI algorithms crunch huge amount of data which requires massive amount of storage and computing resources. But in many applications, decision making needs to be in real-time, which is why AI-based data processing needs to be local (on edge) i.e. closer to sources of data generation to make it possible!

What it Edge Computing?

Edge computing refers to have computing capacity/infrastructure closure to the source of data. …



EDGENeural.AI is an AI Lab incubating products and solutions to deliver high performance inference over the edge.

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